Ducted Vacuum Installation in Australia

Ducted vacuum installation is possible in almost any type of home. This includes new builds and existing properties, and it includes apartments, single-storey houses, and multi-storey houses. The method of installation may be different in each situation, but there are not many properties where ducted vacuums are unsuitable.

As a result, it is possible to get a ducted vacuum and all the benefits it offers, whatever type of house you live in.

At CVAL, we supply systems from the world’s leading manufacturers. The installation of these systems is efficient, plus you get maximum energy efficiency and loads of features.

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Ducted Vacuum Installers

The ducted vacuum installers we work with have extensive knowledge and experience of the systems we supply. They also have experience installing ducted vacuum systems in all types of home, both new build homes and existing properties.

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Installing Replacement Ducted Vacuum Systems

If you have an old ducted vacuum system, it is worth updating it to a new system. New systems are much more energy efficient so are better for the environment and they are cheaper to run. In addition, new models have a wide range of features ensuring maximum performance.

Installing a replacement ducted vacuum system is a reasonably straightforward process. Importantly, you don’t need to install a system made by the same manufacturer as your current unit.

The key component is the power unit, which is probably attached to a wall in your garage or basement with a mounting bracket. It should be easy to remove and replace it with a new power unit, replacing the mounting bracket if necessary too.

Your ducted vacuum installer will be able to advise on what else you need to update or replace to get the replacement system you want.

Ducted Vacuum Installation in New Builds

Installing a ducted vacuum system in a new build gives you maximum flexibility and ensures you can optimise its installation and performance.

The best time to install the system is before you install the wallboards. The electrics and plumbing will need to be in first, but the installation of your ducted vacuum system should happen next. This will ensure all the tubing is tucked away behind your walls, out of sight and not taking up any unnecessary space.

Installing the vacuum tubing in this way also makes it possible to optimise the direction and location of the tubing to deliver maximum suction power in every part of your house, including those parts furthest away from the power unit.,/

Finally, you can place the hose inlets, vacpans, and other features of your system in the best possible locations.

Ducted Vacuum Installation in Existing Homes

Installing a ducted vacuum system in an existing home is not as easy as installing in a new build, but it is possible.

Installing the power unit follows largely the same process, as this is attached to a wall ideally in a non-living part of your home – your garage or basement, for example. The power unit will need power and it will need connected to the tubing system, the latter of which will require planning.

However, there is no need to exhaust the power unit outside because of the effectiveness of the filtration systems in modern ducted vacuums.

The main challenge when installing a ducted vacuum system in an existing property is the tubing and hose inlets. In a new build property, the vacuum tubing would be installed into the walls, hidden behind wall panels. This is not possible in existing houses unless you are prepared to go to the expense of considerable remedial work.

Our ducted vacuum installers have considerable experience installing vacuum tubing in existing homes and have innovative solutions for almost all situations. This can include, for example, installing the vacuum tubing in utility cupboards and through wardrobes.

The best advice is to contact us to find a suitable installer. The installer will then visit your home to determine a plan and decide on the options available.

Commercial Installations

Ducted vacuum systems are becoming increasingly popular in commercial environments as well as in residential properties. This particularly applies to business locations where there are customers or members of the public, especially when those locations are large.

A ducted vacuum system makes it easier for your staff to keep the area cleaned, plus the work involved is less arduous as your staff don’t have to carry or drag around a heavy and cumbersome vacuum cleaner.

At CVAL, we have ducted vacuum systems with power units powerful enough for commercial locations. Our installers also have experience installing systems in businesses in a range of industries. Contact us today on 1800 986 550 to find out more and to discuss your needs.

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