Ducted Vacuum Systems in Australia

Have you always wanted a ducted vacuum system and wondered whether it was possible? Maybe you are in an existing home and are unsure about the options for retrofitting a ducted vacuum system. Maybe you are building a new home but are concerned about the cost.

At CVAL, we are a leading supplier of ducted vacuum systems, offering solutions from leading manufacturers in the industry. Our team is also highly knowledgeable and experienced, so will be able to help you select the right system for your home, your budget, and your requirements.

So, if you are thinking about adding a ducted vacuum system to your home so you can get rid of the cumbersome and inefficient manual appliance you currently use, contact us today.

Here are the key points you need to know:

  • Ducted vacuum systems are affordable;
  • They are the easiest way to vacuum your home;
  • You can install a ducted vacuum system in almost any type of house, new build or existing property; and,
  • Their convenience and ease of use will make you wonder why you didn’t get one sooner.

What You Can Expect When You Buy a Ducted Vacuum System

You want to buy a ducted vacuum system – what happens next? The main stages of the process include:

Selecting the Ducted Vacuum System that Best Suits Your Needs

You’ll need to decide on the system you want. The options we offer have varying features and levels of power output – our team will be able to give you advice on the best option for your needs.

This will be largely be based on the size of your home. After all, the power units of ducted vacuum systems are installed in a fixed location, usually in a garage or basement. That power unit has to produce enough suction power to vacuum all locations in your house, even those that are the furthest away from the power unit.

Also, larger houses have more locations where dust and dirt gather.

As a result, larger homes need more powerful power units with larger dust bins.

Selecting an Installer

We can help you find an installer for your ducted vacuum system. We work with installers that have extensive experience and who are highly knowledgeable about the systems we supply.

The installers we recommend also offer the highest standards of workmanship and customer service. This includes respecting your home and family during the installation.

Planning the Tubing and Inlet Placements

The next stage is to plan where the tubing will be tracked around your home, as well as where to install the hose inlets. This is an important part of the process as you need the most effective and efficient system possible. This typically means using as few tubes as possible as fewer tubes mean the suction power doesn’t have to travel as far.

However, you must balance this with the need to vacuum every part of your house, including hard to reach places.

With careful planning, you can optimise both the efficiency of the tubing and the placement of inlets.

Installation of the System

The final step involves the work in your home to install the ducted vacuum system.

Options Available

At CVAL, we have ducted vacuum systems and solutions for a range of situations. This includes:

  • Replacing your existing ducted vacuum system – we can help if you want to replace your existing ducted vacuum system with a more modern, powerful, and energy-efficient alternative. The most important part usually involves replacing the power unit. With most systems, power units are installed onto mounting devices that are attached to your wall. Removing the unit from this is usually straightforward.
  • Installing in a new build – this is the best time to install ducted vacuum systems as you can install the tubing into your walls, and you can fully optimise the layout. It’s also faster to install a ducted vacuum system in a new build than in an existing property. The installation should take place after the plumbing and electrics are in but before the wallboards are installed.
  • Installing in an existing property – you can install a ducted vacuum system in just about any property, new or old. In existing properties, the challenge is installing the tubing so the system can reach all parts of the house. Various techniques are used to achieve this, including installing the tubing through utility cupboards and wardrobes.

Benefits of Ducted Vacuum Systems

Ducted vacuums are the easiest way to vacuum your home. Here are the main reasons you should buy a ducted vacuum:

  • Effective – ducted vacuums make vacuuming easy, but they are also highly effective, not least because of the powerful suction produced by the power unit.
  • Clean – there is no motor in the room with you when you are vacuuming, just the hose. As a result, there is no blowback of warm, dust-laden air back into the room like there is with standard vacuums.
  • Quiet – you'll barely be able to hear the system working, a stark contrast to the often very loud manual vacuums that are so common.
  • Easy to use - all you need to carry is the hose, which is light, flexible, and versatile. A wide range of attachments is available too.

Find out more about our ducted vacuum systems today by calling us on 1800 986 550.

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