Available in 10.6 Metre length

  • Designer Handle with On/Off switch
  • Cleaning Set includes:

    • Combination Floor Tool
    • Hard Floor Tool 30cm
    • 3 pce cleaning tool set –Round Dust Brush,
    • Crevice Tool, Upholstery Brush
    • Telescopic wand with wand hanger
    • Accessory bag
    • Hose Hanger


Available in 9,11,13 Metre lengths

  • Standard Handle – starts machine when inserted into wall inlet
  • Cleaning set includes:

    • Standard Combination Carpet/Hard Floor Too
    • 3 Pce Cleaning tool set – Round Dust Brush, Upholstery Brush,
    • Crevice Too
    • Telescopic Wand
    • Hose Hanger

Powerful Suction

All dirt and debris your Husky ducted vacuum system comes into contact with, it removes.

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Quiet Operation

In fact, it is ultra-quiet, so you can barely hear it at all. This is because the power unit is installed in a non-living area leaving only the sound of the airflow.

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The hose is light making it easy to use and carry upstairs.

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You can have inlets wherever you need them, ensuring you can vacuum every part of your home.

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