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How Much Does It Cost To Install A Ducted Vacuum System?

What Does The Process Involve?

The first step to any installation is carrying out thorough planning. Survey the interior of your home and find the areas you vacuum most frequently. Think about potential access points for your ducted vacuum and a suitable location for the power unit.

Selecting a unit:
Think about the requirements of your home, how big is the floor plan? How many areas do you want to vacuum? What is your budget? Asking these questions will help you to select a unit within your price range and that has the correct power for your needs.

Finding the right installation team:
Finding a reputable, experienced person to help you buy and set up the best ducted vacuum for your home is a great way to ensure it is installed correctly. However, if you want to do the installation yourself, the right team will give you professional advice to ensure you have the appropriate knowledge for the job.

What Unit Is Best For My Home?

You are replacing an existing ducted vacuum system.
This process is straightforward and easy with the help of the right team. With the overall cost of removal being low, updating your ducted system is a cost-effective way to keep your house hygienically clean and retain its value.

You are installing a new ducted vacuum system in your existing home.
A ducted vacuum system can be installed in most styles of home, and can be adapted to coincide with any budget. With a wide variety of sizes and power strengths available, seeking the advice of a professional before the buying process will give you a clear idea of what will best cater for you and your home.

Or, you are installing a ducted vacuum system to a new build home.
The best time to install a ducted vacuum cleaner is when you are building a new home, this enables you to fully customise and optimise the system, ensuring you get maximum performance whilst keeping within your budget.

The Cost Of Installation

The cost of running your ducted vacuum system is minimal. With most systems designed to use as little energy as possible, you definitely won’t see a spike in your power bills. The costs associated with maintenance are very low with servicing recommended every 4 to 5 years..

The warranty for each ducted vacuum system is different, they can range anywhere from 5-25 years, so checking with the manufacturer prior to purchasing is a good thing to do.