There are three main scenarios that apply when installing ducted vacuum systems:

Replacing an existing ducted vacuum system
Installing in your existing home
Installing in a new build home


Almost all ducted vacuum system manufacturers make it easy to remove units from mounting devices. This means replacing your existing system should be straightforward.

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Installing in Your
Existing Home

You can install a ducted vacuum system to almost any size, age, or style of home. Plus, you can install it yourself or you can use a professional installer.

The installation process involves deciding on a location of the power unit, designing the tubing, and deciding on the location of the inlets. You then install the inlets, tubing – normally using wardrobes or utility cupboards, and VacPan (if required), then mounting the Power Unit.

Installing in a New
Build Home

The best time to install a ducted vacuum system is when you are building a new home or when renovating. The installation occurs before you install the wallboard but after all the electrics and plumbing are installed.

When installing in a new build, you can optimise the system to ensure you get maximum performance while minimise the installation expense. This includes installing the fewest inlets possible and keeping turns in the tubing to a minimum.

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