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SMART Ducted Vacuum Systems are the most advanced, quietest, and effective ducted vacuum system currently available on the market. It will change the way you vacuum forever. Find out more today.

What we offer

The Full SMART Ducted Vacuum Range

At Ducted Vacuums Australia, we offer the full range of SMART Deco and Powerline ducted vacuum systems. You can choose from a full range of accessories too.

The SMART DECO power unit combined with a Premium cleaning set enables you to effortlessly clean every room in your home.

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Deco Power Unit

Powerful, Efficient, and Quiet Suction Power

The innovative and sleek SMART Deco power unit comes in three different options plus two SMART Powerline models.

Plug in and Start Vacuuming

SMART ducted vacuum systems works via tubes throughout your house that are connected to a power unit installed in a non-living area like a basement or garage. Inlets on your walls let you connect the vacuum hose to the tubes so you can vacuum your home. Usually you only need one inlet per 75m2, depending on the size of your house.

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We have options available whatever size of home you have and whatever your requirements.

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SMART ducted vacuum systems have no blow back, so they remove 100 percent of the dirt they contact.

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New Builds

Install your SMART ducted vacuum system at the framing stage of your new build

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Existing Homes

You can install a SMART ducted vacuum system in almost any type of existing home, however old.

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