Why Ducted Vacuuming?

Ducted vacuum systems, also known as central vacuum systems, are a type of vacuum cleaner that is built into your home itself. These powerful systems are usually installed during a new build or home renovations, though you can easily retrofit a system into an existing home. They offer a powerful range of advantages over traditional, portable vacuum cleaners, including better, more effective cleaning.

Better Cleaning With A Better Vacuum

Ducted vacuuming uses a central motor connected by pipes to inlets placed strategically around the property. To activate the system, you simply need to plug in a long cleaning hose, and it will automatically turn itself on. Some systems also give the option to install dirt receptacles which you can sweep debris directly into, saving you even more time and energy. That means no tangled electrical cords, no dragging a heavy unit up and down the stairs, no tripping over wires or knocking into your walls and furniture. These systems are excellent whether you have a residential home or a commercial property and make cleaning all that much easier.

Those aren't the only benefits these powerful vacuum systems offer, either. A ducted vacuum means you free up the space needed that you would otherwise have to use to store your portable vacuum. As the motor is often fitted in a remote location away from the living spaces of your home, they're much quieter, as well. No longer will you have to turn your music off or stop talking when the vacuuming begins. Plus, because you won't have to move the motor itself around the home, they can be much larger than a portable machine. That is why these systems tend to be far more powerful than their conventional cousins, making cleaning faster and more efficient.

A ducted vacuum can also accumulate far more debris and dust before it needs to be emptied. That means that you won't need to buy replacement bags as often as you would for a traditional, portable vacuum, saving you money over time. It also means that you won't have to go through the unpleasant, messy process of physically emptying out your vacuum as often. This will save you both time and trouble. A professionally installed ducted vacuum system can actually increase the value of your property when it comes time to put it on the rental or resale market.

The greater storage and suction powers of ducted vacuum systems mean that these devices will provide your home with cleaner and safer air. Because a ducted vacuum has a far more powerful motor, they’ll suck up a greater proportion of the dust, debris, residue, aerosols and animal dander present in your home. That way, you’ll be left with air that is much cleaner, more pleasant to breathe, and free of unpleasant allergens. This enhanced suction power is why ducted vacuums are excellent if you have respiratory issues like asthma or young children in your home. There’ll be no unpleasant smell left after the vacuuming when you use a ducted vacuum, and you’ll get the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your family is breathing safe, healthy, clean air.

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